Saturday 1 October 2011

Three Websites to Monetize your Writing Skills

Writing is one of my favorite hobbies but like other people I have to make a living, so from time to time I use my writing skills to make money online and there is nothing wrong about it, but it is just my personal experience.

Currently I am working with over then sites, which pay money for writing articles and today I will only feature three of my favorite ones. – the best site for those, who like writing about things they like and don’t mind getting paid on Google Adsense revenue sharing basis. As a member of Squidoo I have to say that there is money to be made with this one for sure. The minimum cashout is just 1 dollar and payments are completed on monthly basis with the help of PayPal. – this is a purely Google Adsense revenue sharing website, so you need to have an account with this ad network. Like in the case with Squidoo your earnings depend on the number of clicks on sponsored ads. – a site mainly for experienced freelance writers, who know what they are doing. This article writing company is paying money for every article written, so your earnings do not depend on the amount of traffic your site attracts.

Hopefully these websites will be helpful to you and you will be able to earn money online by writing content. Thanks and have a good day.

Friday 1 October 2010

Benefits of Internet and Blogging

Every day I find out something new – I like reading news about Internet and technology. Most of my friends have different interests and I was forced to look for someone to share my thoughts with. That is why I am starting this blog – here I will write about Internet business, technology and ways to make money online with the help of blogs.

If you are not familiar with, then I have to tell several words about it. This free Internet platform gives us a chance to create free blogs, update them and even get a chance to make money online with the help of Google Adsense.

Everyone, who is looking for a free way to share news with the worldwide Internet community and earn money by doing so, then is something you should definitely try.